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Get A Better Car are bad credit car finance specialists and deal with every bad credit car finance provider in the UK. Some of the finance companies we deal with used to be Black Box Car Finance providers and fit an immobiliser to cars in case of multiple missed payments but have stopped fitting these devices now.

What was black box car finance?

Certain bad credit car finance companies used to fit a ‘black box’ which constituted of a tracker and immobiliser so that they could stop the car from being used if multiple repayments were missed and they were unable to discuss this with their customers.

Why don’t any finance companies offer black box car finance now?

The bad credit companies that used to offer black box car finance actually found that the missed payments increased as a result of these devices being fitted and have moved away from this business model now. No finance company wants to stop customers from using cars or arrange for repossession of cars, so they now do extra checks upfront to ensure that applicants they approve have enough affordability to afford the repayments and also the day to day running costs of owning a car.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted for black box car finance?

There has never been a guaranteed car finance option as finance providers need to ensure that applicants are not currently bankrupt, in an IVA without permission from the IVA provider and have sufficient affordability for car finance as well as all the other running costs of car ownership.

Black box car finance is no longer a product that any bad credit car finance provider offers and any car finance package that Get A Better Car arranges will not involve having a black box fitted to the car.

What has black box car finance been replaced with?

The finance companies that used to offer black box car finance now just offer car finance packages that don’t involve the installation of a black box. They now perform stricter checks when they receive an application and make sure they perform a thorough income and expenditure check to make sure that anyone that they approve has the affordability to afford the finance repayments they are approved for.

Can I fit a black box to a car I finance to reduce my insurance premiums?

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on this at all.

Which companies used to offer black box car finance?

We have dealt with a few companies that offered black box car finance, namely, The Car Finance Company, Go Car Credit, Trax Motor Finance, Vehicle Credit and Ratesetter. If you have had finance with any of these companies in the past, you may be eligible to be approved for finance again and can reapply for finance here.

Can I apply for finance on any of your cars?

Yes you can. The finance providers we deal with will conduct affordability checks if you are approved and assign you a credit limit. If the limit they give you is enough for the car you are interested in then you can buy that car. See all of our available cars here

My current car was purchased using black box car finance, can I be reapproved and change car?

Yes you can. If you are still making payments on the car, you will need to find out your settlement figure by calling your finance company and then you can reapply on our website. We usually advise to do this after you have paid at least half of your repayments on your existing car finance to make sure you don’t have any negative equity. If you are in doubt or have any questions, give us a call on 01157365900.

Black Box Car Finance


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