Can I get Car Finance Approved without a Guarantor?

If you have applied for finance with a car finance broker you may have been asked to provide a guarantor with good credit.

This is because the lenders that car finance brokers use are very limited and a lot of car finance providers only deal with dealers directly. This means we can get car finance approved without a guarantor, this is not guaranteed car finance or no credit check car finance, so the bad credit car finance lenders that we use will complete a credit check and affordability check, but half of the finance approvals we obtain for applicants have been declined by credit brokers previously.

Some dealers also have a policy where they will only offer finance through good credit car finance companies meaning that if your credit history is not perfect, you will not be able to obtain finance through them. Get A Better Car are car finance specialists for all credit ratings and use every bad credit car finance provider in the UK so not only are we the best chance you have of getting an approval, we are also your best chance of getting the best rate available for your individual circumstances. So if you want to get Car Finance Approved without a Guarantor, we are the best place for you to try.



Get A Better Car have a specific finance application process that means we will try companies in order of which are likely to obtain the lowest rate first before trying the very bad credit car finance lenders. We have helped hundreds of people obtain car finance and most of our customers are pleasantly surprised that we got finance approved for them and also that we got them a better payment than they expected.

The only circumstances where Car Finance with a Guarantor would be required are if you are 18 years old or 19 years old and have a very limited credit history. Under these circumstances, you may be asked for a parent to act as your guarantor. It is also beneficial sometimes to apply jointly with a partner if you live together. If your partner has a better credit history but no driving licence or works but has no licence, it would be worth making a joint application for car finance.

All of our team are qualified Specialist Automotive Finance experts and complete their assessment every year to ensure our knowledge of the car finance market remains as strong as possible. By having this expert knowledge, we can find opportunities to either obtain finance approvals or get a better rate of interest by giving you the best advice available.

All of our cars receive a pre delivery inspection, comprehensive road test and full MOT as soon as we buy them to ensure they are checked to the highest specification before you collect your new car. As well as that, if you do experience any issues with the car in the first six months, you will also be provided a comprehensive in house warranty to fix any mechanical or electrical issues you encounter.

Car Finance Approved without a Guarantor Nottingham


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We have over 150 five star reviews on Google and Facebook combined which explain why we say we are car finance experts and can get Car Finance Approved without a Guarantor for you. Our bad credit car finance panel of lenders give us the best chance to get you Car Finance Approved with out a Guarantor.

If you apply online, we will get back to you within a couple of hours with a decision, repayments and let you know what documents you will need to provide. Once this has taken place, it is usually just a matter of hours before you can collect your new car.

Car Finance Approved without a Guarantor

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