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The providers we use don’t use your credit score, instead they have their own way of looking at credit files. Since they deal with bad credit on a daily basis, so low credit score car finance doesn’t mean that a finance company will refuse you on that basis, they won’t even take your ‘score’ into account. They will look through all of your finance accounts, taking into account your affordability more than your credit score.

I have a score of 100, can I still get car finance? Although we can’t offer guaranteed car finance, we deal with every bad credit car finance. Since they don’t use credit scores, there is still a chance you can get low credit score car finance. The only way to know for sure is by applying for finance.


I have a low credit score, can I get low credit score car finance?

Not necessarily. Although a low credit score is likely to mean you have recent arrears, defaults or CCJs, it doesn’t mean you will fall outside our specialist bad credit lenders’ criteria. It is worth applying since most of our lenders use a soft search facility meaning they won’t leave footprints on your credit file.

How can I improve a low credit score so I can get car finance? The most important things you can do to improve your credit score are registering to vote, catching up any credit arrears you have and if you can afford to pay off part or all of old debts, these are all factors that lenders will look at positively. If you do get a default, that is not necessarily the end, the company you owe money to can still apply for a county court judgement and appoint high court enforcement agents (bailiffs) to collect the debt. So we strongly advise setting and sticking to an arrangement you make with the lender.

Why is my credit score so low? A number of factors will result in a low credit score. If you are in current arrears, have recent defaults or county court judgements – they will all reduce your credit score. You may also have a low credit score because you don’t have much active credit – having your own bank account and mobile phone which you pay monthly will both positively contribute towards your credit score. Also loans, car finance and mortgages (should you need them) will all have a big impact on your credit score if they are paid.

The bad credit on my credit file wasn’t my fault, what can I do? All you can do to correct anything you feel is not right is either contact the finance company that you feel made the mistake or you can publish a Notice of Correction on your credit file which all places you apply to have to read before they make their decisions. In the Notice of Correction, you can explain what happened to any future lenders you approach which may improve your chances of obtaining future finance.

Do Get A Better Car specialise in helping people with low credit score car finance? Yes. We are bad credit car finance specialists and work with every bad credit car finance provider in the UK. We have strong relationships with all our finance providers and know their policies and processes inside out so we can ensure you have the best chance of getting a bad credit car finance approval and also making sure it’s the best one available for your individual circumstances.

All cars receive a comprehensive pre delivery inspection, full MOT and road test before they are sold and we also cover you with a 6 month warranty covering the whole bill for any mechanical or electrical problems you encounter.

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Low Credit Score Car Finance


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