No Credit Check Car Finance

No dealer or finance company can offer you No Credit Check Car Finance. They have to complete creditworthiness and affordability assessments for every loan provided. We deal with every bad credit car finance company in the UK, and although they don’t offer No Credit Check Car Finance, they will look beyond your credit problems to try and see the positive things on your credit file. If you are on the electoral roll, have a valid bank account and any other paid credit, they will all go in your favour when finance companies are making their assessment. We also have a company that are willing to talk to applicants which helps them make their decisions.

So, although we can’t get you a No Credit Check Car Finance approval, we will try every bad credit car finance provider there is to make sure we not only try to get you an approval, but we get the best car finance approval available to your specific circumstances.

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All cars receive a pre-delivery inspection, comprehensive road test and MOT as soon as we buy them so we can ensure the quality of the cars we sell. On top of that, if you were to encounter issues within the first 6 months, we offer a comprehensive in house warranty to take care of any mechanical issues you face. All cars are HPI clear and are in great bodywork condition so when you turn up to collect your car, you won’t be disappointed.

Get A Better Car was founded in 2016 and has received over 350 five star reviews since we began trading as well as countless recommendations to family and friends. We pride ourselves on being honest, offering a good service and great value. If you read some of our reviews, you will be in no doubt that Get A Better Car is the best option for bad credit car finance in Nottingham.

If you see a dealer that offers No Credit Check Car Finance then this is a misrepresentation and is false advertising, it is illegal for any company to offer finance without completing a credit check. There are several bad credit car finance lenders that car dealers can use and they all complete credit checks, although many of them use a ‘soft search’ which means the impact of applying has no impact on your credit file. These searches are often referred to as footprints, so, although there will be no trace of a credit check being completed, they are still carrying a credit check out to make their decision.

We can offer specialised help for a variety of different credit problems, including ex bankrupt, low credit score, current arrears, defaults, CCJs or debt management. We have around 15 bad credit car finance companies that vary in criteria so we can get most circumstances considered. We have a black box car finance company as well as a manual decision car finance company that will speak to you before making their decision. With all these options and 3 qualified finance experts in house we guarantee that we will get the best finance approval available for your circumstances.

If we have been unable to help you get a car finance approval, here are some things you can do to improve your credit file;

Join the electoral role – finance companies call this ‘Trace’ and it helps them verify where you live

Catch up any arrears – current arrears are considered a big risk by finance companies and a lot of them will interpret an applicant in arrears as financially struggling.

Pay off any old debt – finance companies can see the balance when a credit account defaulted and the balance now, if you make any payment towards old debts, this will be visible to finance providers.

Maintain your bank and mobile phone – Although they don’t increase your credit score a lot, finance companies look for any sign of ‘intent to pay’ and maintaining a bank account and a direct debit for a phone contract will boost your chances.

No Credit Check Car Finance

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