Can I get guaranteed car finance?

Guaranteed Car Finance is an advertising term used by dealers and finance companies to mislead customers that their finance approval is guaranteed. It is not possible to guarantee car finance to any applicant as, under FCA regulations, finance providers are responsible for assessing credit worthiness and affordability. This means they need to complete credit checks and often require proof of income in order to offer finance to any applicant. It is possible to get bad credit car finance and very bad credit car finance subject to affordability, but guaranteed car finance is not possible.

Although Get A Better Car don’t offer Guaranteed Car Finance, we do specialise in bad credit car finance and deal with every bad credit car finance provider in the UK. We are qualified finance experts by the Finance & Leasing Association and have over 15 years experience in bad credit car finance. We use this experience to search the market for each applicant and we will guarantee that we will obtain the best car finance approval available for your individual credit profile.


The specialist bad credit car finance lenders we work with don’t only base their decisions on your credit score, they will look at other aspects such as your income, your expenditure and how much deposit you have. We also have a specialist lender that will speak to you before making their decision to assess your affordability, your need for a car and get the reasons behind your credit problems. This method allows them to approve applicants that no one else will even consider. We will be there to inform and advise you every step of the way and make sure you obtain the lowest rate and best overall finance approval for your circumstances.

So, if you want the closest thing to Guaranteed Car Finance then we are the dealer to apply with. Due to the lenders we have on board, we are able to offer more applicants an approval than any of the online finance brokers. We work with pay as you go car finance lenders, black box car finance lenders, telephone car finance lenders and very bad credit car finance lenders – all with no guarantor.

You can improve your chances of getting a finance approval by applying jointly with your partner, increasing your deposit, demonstrating a need for a vehicle when you speak to the finance company and if you take responsibility for the issues you have had in the past, it can all go a long way to getting a finance approval. If you want any advice before you apply, feel free to give us a call on 01157365900.

We prepare every car for sale by completing a pre delivery inspection, full MOT and a comprehensive road test giving you full confidence in every car we sell. If you were to experience any issues in the first six months of ownership, you will be well covered by our in house warranty which covers all mechanical and electrical items against failure. If you need any more persuading to choose us, why not read some of our 150 five star reviews on Facebook and Google?

We can also obtain car finance with benefits, including benefit only. We appreciate that a car is still as important to applicants who do not work as well as those working, so we have done a lot of research into finance providers and processes for applicants who are unemployed. We have completed so many loans for unemployed applicants that the process is now extremely straightforward. So if you in receipt of benefits and want to get a better car, just apply online.


Guaranteed Car Finance

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