By submitting your finance application to us, you agree to;

  1. Pass your details to our approved finance providers, we will search the market to find you the best approval available.
  2. Our finance providers will conduct up to 2 credit searches on you, these searches will be documented on your credit file.
  3. Contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application.
  4. We will never pass your details to any other person(s) or companies other than those mentioned above and no other company will attempt to contact you until we have discussed this with you in advance.
  5. We will store your information on secured cloud based systems which are password protected and only accessible to our staff.
  6. We will only hold your details on file for as long as they remain purposeful.
  7. If we, or one of our finance partners suspect you have entered any fraudulent information on your application then we will inform CIFAS of this who may update your credit file with the conclusion of their investigation.

We also deal with Go Car Credit, their privacy policy can be found here.


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